Celebrity Skin Care Specialist Offers Organic Luxury Skin Care Line

Celebrity skin care specialist Tracie Martyn is providing natural solutions for women and men who want to turn back the hands of time. Her organic luxury skin care line is a favorite of many celebrities, with her NYC salon clientele including big names like Cyndi Lauper, Susan Sarandon, and Brad Pitt.

Celebrity Skin Care that Works

The celebrities are using Tracie Martyn’s day spa services, which feature restorative facials and body treatments, and organic products for the skin because they are results-oriented. Finally, you will get solutions for your skin care concerns and feel beautiful from the inside out.

Remember, celebrities are in the business of looking their best. Whether they are in front of the camera or at a red carpet event, their careers are rooted in how they look. So, they trust in only the best products and services from the expert in skin care Tracie Martyn.

Top Quality Ingredients

Also, you will only find quality ingredients, such as organic botanicals and essential oils, within the organic luxury skin care products from Tracie Martyn. The Shakti Re-sculpting Body Cream, for example, contains natural amino-acids and enzymes; its special formula firms and deeply moisturizes the face and body.

Actress Kate Winslet uses the Shakti Re-sculpting Body Cream daily, explaining, “it truly is incredible.” Avoid any greasy after-feel because there is no silicon in this exclusive product.

Take the Best Care of Yourself

Tracie Martyn does not believe that luxurious, organic products for the skin have to be exclusively for celebrities. Instead, bring the red carpet treatment to your home with a range of high-end creams and serums, including a Resculpting Body Serum. This special serum targets stretch marks and helps smooth out the neck area, using natural, earth-friendly ingredients rather than the man-man ones of most other skin care products.

Contact the friendly team at the Tracie Martyn salon in NYC today to order your favorite organic and natural skin care product for the face and body today.


5 Keys to Sculpted and Youthful Facial Skin

Facial skin is the preface to your skin deep beauty so taking care of it is as essential as breathing. Some are blessed with naturally good skin, but others can also enhance their skin texture by several methods. Not only in science and technology, but skin care and cosmetology have also improved in regard to quality and effects. The evolution of organic luxury skin care has brought whirlwinds of change for the people having problems with their skin.

Starting from celebrities to layman all have there own personal beauty secrets irrespective of their age and profession. It is impossible to remain youthful with growing age as the body naturally starts losing its moisture and elasticity. However, you can retain a healthy glow by taking good care of your body and skin. Remember your skin tone and texture isn’t healthy enough and no amount of makeup will suffice your skin to look good. So, here are few prime tips to maintain a beautiful and lustrous skin:

Use a Firming Serum


Firming Serum

Growing old is mandatory, but aging is not! Wrinkles and fine lines are a common problem these days. Pick up a sculpting firming serum if you fall somewhere in the group of young adult to aged women. Believe it or not, an organic luxury skin care serum can work wonders for your facial skin. Serum is the magic wand to celebrities clear and youthful skin. Serums contain organic condiments which improve the skin texture if used regularly.

Stay Hydrated

Water is a best detoxifying agent, that too without any side-effects. Do not whimper to consume more water throughout the day. Scientists have recently suggested that you can measure the quantity by sips which makes it more achievable. Consume 8-10 sips of water per hour depending on the size of your sips. Apart from detoxifying, water enhances digestion as well.

Sunblock is a Must

UV rays have a harsh effect on the skin and can lead to skin cancer as well. Even on a cloudy day, there are about 55% chance for UV rays to affect your skin. So, do not dare to get out without sun block in daytime, especially between 10am-2pm when the rays are usually very harsh. Go for a sweat proof one and re apply as required.

Say ‘No’ to Smoking

If you love to smoke, then stop dreaming of a glowing skin. That nicotine has adverse effect on skin making it looks tired, chappy and lifeless. Therefore, stop smoking and have a luminous skin tone.

Remove your Makeup Properly

There should be no trace of makeup before you go to bed. Keep an abundant stock of wipes and cleansers to thoroughly remove every bit of that foundation, lipstick and mascara. As, products are waterproof these days, you can use lukewarm water to cleanse which will make things easier. UN-removed makeup results in clogged pores, breakouts and oily skin and you definitely don’t want that.

So, these are the major steps to skin care which can give a brilliant glow. Your skin will glow with a little makeup with these tips and your skin will retain a youthful shine. Be ready for every moment that needs you to your best without minimal efforts. So, take care and stay wow!

Get an Even Skin Tone with the Best Complexion Savior

Does your skin looks tan and dull? Want to look younger and fresh? Nowadays, it is very essential to do proper skin care. Our skin is the reflection of our health and vitality. A glowing and radiant skin indicates positive attitude and good health. Natural skin care products are hundreds of times more effective than their chemical counterparts.

If you are searching for a skin makeover in New York city, then you have landed upon the exact destination. You can avail best skin care salon in NYC offering natural skin care products for a better rejuvenation of skin tone. You can definitely get a beautiful skin that you always wanted to have.

Complexion savior for soothing, calming and purifying:

Complexion savior is a unique, natural product that help in rejuvenating dull looking skin to a healthy skin. These are perfect for the skin tone evening, purifying and hydrating skin. This is a kind of oil-free mask that absorbs all the dead cells from your skin. This product contains all natural ingredients that give your skin a charm without the chance of any side-effects.

Have a look at some of its key benefits:

  • Improve the appearance of the skin
  • Helps to purify and protect
  • Powerfully antioxidant
  • Helps to plump the skin
  • Brighten the skin tone
  • Instantly Calms and Cools

Apart from this, you can also go for spa treatments that help in revitalizing your body as well as mind. Best spas in New York city are affordable with the best results. These spa treatments give you physical as well as emotional relaxation. They offer miraculous effects on your body, improve blood circulation, and combat the signs of aging. They will give you the health and the happy glow that you are looking for.

Natural skin care and associated natural skin care products are becoming increasingly more popular. Using natural skin care products is a first step in providing the skin with the right nutrients and building materials to hold its health and functionality. The best skin care product contains all natural ingredients, which make the skin effective because of the antioxidants and vital nutrients. Therefore, go to the best skin care salon and get a better healthy skin.

Green Guide to Organic Skin Care Products

The green fashion is now on the top and truly rolling with surging demands for organic skin care products. However, there are also a number organic impostors that take advantage of these convenient loopholes. As a result, there is no point to stop a beauty product containing just 1% organic ingredient and 99% of something masquerading as organic, claiming its place on the organic beauty aisle.


Best Organic Skin Care Products

So, how to avail genuine organic luxury skin care products in the current scenario where any skincare product can be branded with the term ‘organic’? Well, all we can say is, don’t lose your faith in organic skincare products amongst these charlatans as there are legitimate brands who still value the real meaning of organic. But, it’s also important to make a well-informed decision before choosing a brand. Following tips will help you out. Continue reading

Secrets behind a Youthful Skin

The best revenge against ageing is to stay beautiful! Rather than looking for a 20’s skin, you can simply maintain a natural, youthful, and blemish-free skin with the growing age. It used to be difficult in the past, but now it’s possible. Today, there are many resources that can fight the first signs of premature aging and make you look even more charming and beautiful.

Keeping your skin youthful:

Aging signs are basically seen on your face when the protein (elastin and collagen) present in the tissues and organs, degrades over the time. It causes your skin pigments to lose its firmness that then leads towards the wrinkles. Certain factors like genetics, pollution, extreme exposure to the sun, and an unhealthy lifestyle greatly contributes to it. But you can regime a youthful skin by following some effective skin care tips and using organic anti aging skin care products. Continue reading

Celebrity Skin Care Expert Tips for All Skin Types and Concerns

Ever thought how the A-listers of Hollywood and fashion industry manage to look young, despite all the aging? The credit goes to quality products, resculpting body treatments, and obviously, the beauty experts. It is a result of their advice and beauty techniques that you are able to see your favorite stars look young and dashing forever. However, not all of us are able to afford the experts of the skin care industry. In order to decipher what would make your skin look young, we bring you tips from some of the most eminent beauty therapists and celebrity skin care experts in the world.

Screenshot from 2015-07-03 13:22:59

Read on the latest insider tips from the house of celebrity skin care experts to get a healthy looking celebrity-type skin. Continue reading

Beauty Dilemma – Natural Beauty Products Or Synthetic Ones

Going green these days has become less of an Eco-friendly sacrifice and more of a hot new beauty trend. With numerous new beauty products popping up all over the place, have you ever wondered exactly what ingredients your beauty products are made of? Are you sure that the ingredients in your beauty products are safe? Are they really effective, long lasting and most essentially is it really worth all the pounds we shell out for it? Absolutely not, the answer is a simple “NO”. The simple reason is the presence of number of chemicals, starting from parabens to petroleum waxes, used in making these products that in the long run do nothing but harm your skin.

People today are always on the lookout for better skin care products and holds a strong believe that natural is better, even when it comes to makeup. So, more and more women today are turning to natural cosmetics for all their beauty essentials. Even top manufacturers and best spas in New York city are using natural ingredients to keep up with the demand for more natural cosmetics in the market today. They contain ingredients that are essential for skin repair and most essentially are harmless and less expensive in comparison to those chemical based beauty products. Below are some other key differences between “natural” and “synthetic” makeup. Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of Antioxidants in Skin Care Products

Your skin is your largest organ, so it’s important to take care of it. If you have not been protecting your skin, it can start to give away clues about your age. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear, along with brown spots and rough skin patches, caused due to sun exposure. Your skin might be producing less collagen which would not remove the dead skin cells anymore. If this is the case, then it’s time to turn to anti-aging products and regain younger-looking skin. Continue reading

Natural and Organic Ingredients That Seizes Skin Aging

From using bee venom to leeches to placenta facials; women all over the world are bringing some desperate treatments into practice to turn back time. But, is it possible to seize skin aging without going too hard on the budget and that doesn’t sound as scary as the bee venom therapy. Certainly, we are seeking nature for the answer but more into the greener side.

Here are some natural anti-aging remedies:

Continue reading

Top Ten Winter Skin Care Tips

During the winters our skin is exposed to extreme hot & cold conditions. It’s common to see the skin looking dry and dehydrated. If you’re battling with scaly skin, dull complexion, ragged cuticles, or any other winter skin woes, then these tips can help you get a smooth and soothe skin. These are as follows: Continue reading